Soy Vinegar Cleans Hard Water Scum

I have a Supor brand electric water kettle that developed hard water deposits on the inside, which scrubbing could not clean. My Chinese neighbor knew what to do. She put a little soy vinegar in side and used a steel wool pad. It cleaned the deposits right away. A little soaking took care of the rest. Love home remedies!

2 Comments on “Soy Vinegar Cleans Hard Water Scum

  1. How did you communicate with her? Does she understand English? Do you know enough Mandarin now to ask about that? Or was it just a matter of pointing and shrugging? 🙂 I’m curious.


    • chrisb1966 – Thanks for asking. It was a lot of pointing and gesturing while using my PLECO Chinese-English Dictionary app for iPhone. She confirmed she understood and spoke more slowly, reemphasizing certain key words for “vinegar,” “wait,” and “scrub.”


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