China Resources

We will keep adding to a list of online resources and books on China as we become aware of them.   China Source is an excellent starting place.  It offers an extensive online site for accurate news for faith-based communities on China and its Church.  ZG Briefs offers a straight-forward aggregation site of any published news on China listed anywhere on the internet.   We have also include two wonderful Christian, nonprofit organizations that are doing significant work among the rural poor.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.44.37 PM    China Source is a trusted resource founded in 1997 in response to a growing need within the faith-based community for accurate information on China and its church.  It is a treasure trove of information and has a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly publications, including an extensive library archive of articles and photos.

CSV Logo    China Service Ventures is a nonprofit, Christian organization that works to improve the quality of life for the rural poor in Henan, China, by providing rural families with scholarship money for schooling; providing summer camps that allow campers and counselors to connect and grow together; sending ESL teachers to provide English training and develop meaningful relationships; and providing programs for children whose parents have to leave them at home while they go to larger towns for work.  Their motto is: “Not to be served, but to serve.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.00.17 PM    ZGBriefs Newsletter is a weekly newsletter of curated news items from a variety of Chinese and English language sources.  ZGBriefs is not responsible for the content of these items nor does it necessarily endorse the perspectives presented.  This source is like drinking from a fire hose.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.14.00 PM Evergreen is a nonprofit organization that seeks to facilitate holistic and sustainable transformation in the communities they serve in broad and eternal ways, and to be a part of China’s economic and spiritual development by shining the light of Christ through the utilization of professional skills.


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