English Summer Camps

(Lijiazhai, Henan) — China Service Ventures helped to facilitate five, week-long camps during the summer school break in China, featuring opportunities for cultural exchange, English conversation, and sports.  A total of 236 students participated in the two middle school, two high school, and one elementary school camps held at the middle school in Lijiazhai, Henan Province, and featured a 59-member international counselor team from the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Each of the camps featured skill development sessions in six sports: basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, soccer, and ultimate frisbee,  an environmental service project to pick up garbage on popular hiking trails on nearby Jighonshan (Rooster Mountain), large and small group interactions on character development, arts and crafts, skits and dramas, learning camp songs in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English; and, lots of recreational camp games.

Counselors and students were housed in the school’s dormitories and fed in the school’s cafeteria featuring a variety of local dishes.  By the end of camp, there was a strong sense of friendship and community among the counselors and students.

Here is a camp summary video of one of our high school camps:


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