Chinese Burrito Shop

Our language school is in the middle of a business complex of modern high-rise buildings. The ground-level floors are mostly devoted to retail and food, with the upper stores reserved for business. You can imagine hundreds of workers pouring out of their buildings for lunch at nearly the same time. There are lots of Chinese noodle shops and these little snack shops (far left). My wife noticed this sign “Flash Burritos” (middle photo) so we went inside to a mini-version of Chipotle’s (far right photo). They even had guacamole. I ordered the mutton burrito. You don’t get that every day in the USA. It was good.

At the counter, near the cash register, they had this photo caricaturing Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food restaurants. I have seen several McD’s and KFC in China, and, were they are, I have also discovered fatter Chinese people. It truly is in the diet and lifestyle. Being Westernized through fast-food is not good.

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