China Demographics

Today we discovered from our teacher the official retirement ages, as mandated by the government of China. These ages, I understand, are mandated, with few exceptions. Think of it as compulsory retirement.

The average male (see Index Mundi data below) in China enjoys 12 years or retirement before death, but a woman enjoys 27 years — but her compulsory age of retirement is much earlier, at the age of 50 years.

This hit our funny bone, since my wife is the one with the work VISA at the age of 53, while I am the one with the spouse VISA at the age of 54. Both of us are investing our lives in Chinese young people.

Here is some Chinese demographic information:

Men: Age 65 (Extension for those proficient in deemed critical social sectors)
Women: Age 55 (Extension for those proficient in deemed critical social sectors) Men: Age 60 (Standard)
Women: Age 50 (Standard)

This piqued my curiosity, so I went surfing on the internet for other China demographics. Below is July 2014 census data, compliments of Index Mundi (accessed April 9, 2014,

China Total Population (as of July 204, estimate)……………….1,355,692,576

Beijing Population ………………………………………….………….15,594,000

Age Structure: 00-14 years …..17.1%
15-24 years …..14.7%
25-54 years …..47.2%
55-64 years …..11.3%
65 years+ ……. 09.6%

Median Age: 36.7 years (male/female)
35.8 years (male)
37.5 years (female)

Life Expectancy: 75.15 years (total)
73.09 years (male)
77.43 years (female)

Religions: 18.2% Buddhist
05.1% Christian
01.8% Muslim
21.9% Folk Religion
00.1% Hindu
00.1% Jewish
52.2% Atheist

Literacy 95.1% age 15 & older can read and write
97.5% male
92.7% female

There are 1.46 Physicians per 1000 people and 3.8 hospital beds per 1000 people.

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