Bo Ai Scholarships

Today we went to distribute Bo Ai (Boundless Love) scholarship money to qualified students attending the No. 2 High School in Xinyang, Henan, China.  

The students are “stay behind” children, a government designation, to indicate children who have one or both parents working in other cities. These children tend to be poor with little resources available to them.
No. 2 High School is also a boarding school for about 9000 students. We ate in the school cafeteria for lunch. It was a real assembly line. Two floors of cafeteria holding 3000 students each. The students eat in rotations.

The Bo Ai scholarships are from U.S. Donors to help subsidize the student’s room and board expenses. The government pays for their tuition. We are working with a local nonprofit organization, “Mei Wen” to build its own infrastructure of Chinese donors for these students.  We are making progress. It is great to be part of a noble work for good.

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