How would you transport a wheelbarrow?

Handcart on Motorcycle

Handcart on Motorcycle


There are some things I am not accustomed to seeing like a handcart (wheelbarrow) strapped on the back of a motorcycle.  Note the hand poles.  They are hard to see, because they are painted brown.  They are sticking out.

In fairness, I have seen oversized loads like piping and construction supplies sticking out of trucks in the back in America, but normally they are secured length-wise with straps and an identifiable caution flag.  This cart was strapped down width-wise with no flag.  It seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

I understand that villagers make do with what they have.  I just hope he didn’t have a long way to travel.

Once I saw a man carrying a 10-foot ladder balanced in his hand while riding a motorcycle.  He was riding in the city.   I wasn’t quick enough to snap the photo.   You will frequently see dump trucks filled to the brim with gravel and sand.  A little jostle or bump often sends the truck’s loose contents onto the road.  Trailing vehicles beware!

China is just a different country with a different set of traffic rules.   Most drivers consider themselves to be careful drivers.  Most motorcyclists wear no helmets.   One thing is for certain.  There is never a dull moment on Chinese roads.

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