Bamboo Pilgrim


Government funding for small business loans have recently created a plethora of coffee houses in China. Each business features a rustic, industrial design decor with a potpourri of boutique furnishings like chandeliers and British telephone booths and books — all of which makes no rationale sense except the entire experience is niche.

We have safely arrived in Beijing, China and will travel tomorrow to Xinyang, Henan Province.

(Lijiazhai, Henan) — China Service Ventures helped to facilitate five, week-long camps during the summer school break in China, featuring opportunities for cultural exchange, English conversation, and sports.  A total of 236 students participated in the two middle school, two high school, and one elementary school camps held at the middle school in Lijiazhai, Henan Province, and featured a 59-member international counselor team from the United States, Hong Kong, and mainland China…. Read More

Salt Lake City, UT (Sept 2014) — Now that we are temporarily back in the USA until we receive our work VISAs, I am going through my field notes and reflecting on stories.  I have a few questions and reflections on this story: “A Dog Named Easter.” We are drawn to puppies — especially my wife.  We have raised Golden Retrievers throughout our married life, and have raised a three litters of golden… Read More